Service Charter

The basic principles inspiring the Service Charter of the Toma Institute are those of:

  • Equality and impartiality

    The services and provisions are delivered according to rules that apply equally to all, without discrimination based on age, gender, language, religion, social status, political opinion or state of health.

  • Respect

    Every citizen consumer should be treated with the care, courtesy and attentiveness of respect due to the person and that person’s dignity.

  • The Right to Choose

    The citizen consumer has the right, according to applicable legislation, to choose between different service providers.

  • Participation

    The citizen consumer has the right to make complaints, requests, observations, to access all information and to forward suggestions for improving the service.

  • Efficacy and Efficiency

    The services and provisions must be provided through optimal use of resources, fulfilling the latest quality standards, adopting all suitable measures for satisfying the needs of the citizen consumer as promptly as possible and avoiding wastage to the common detriment.

  • Continuity

    Delivery of the services must be guaranteed with continuity and without interruption.


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