Microbiology is the part of medical laboratory, which through the use of microscopic examinations, cultures and immunofluorescence methods, carry on researches on microorganisms (germs and bacteria) that may cause infections. These adopted techniques are aimed to define the correct therapy. Once the presence of a microorganism is revealed, it is isolated and identified. Then, using the antibiogram method, the most suitable antibiotic, where indicated, is recommended to subdue it. Identification of the isolated microorganism and the antibiogram are performed using automatic tools capable of guaranteeing high levels of specificity and reliability. As always in healthcare, thus in the area of microbiology, the best guarantee for accurate and reliable results is the quality control at each stage of the analytic process, and the professional training given to the operators.



Urine culture
Pharyngeal smear
Vaginal smear
Urethral smear
Faecal culture examination
Faecal parasite screening

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