Under the coordination of an Anatomopathologist with many years of experience in this field, the Cytology Department comprises biologists and highly qualified staff, where in the course of each year, they take over 30,000 vaginal pap tests and several thousand of other cytology cases with efficiency, delivering the results on time. Cytology is a discipline within Biology that studies the morphology and physiology of cells and its reliability is closely related to the operator’s level of competence and the knowledge on the use of modern microscopes. This is not an issue for Toma as all cytological samples are stained and mounted using the latest technologies available, and study of the samples are entrusted to trained and qualified personnel using latest-generation microscopes. A particular attention is paid to quality control within the facility, guaranteeing the complete reliability of the diagnostic response referred: each week more than 10% of the normal cytological preparations, studied by each operator, undergo cross-checking by a second operator. Doubtful cases are re-examined (peer-review process) by the team of biologists and are given a final assessment by the pathologist. This internal monitoring responsibility has been taken by Toma as a further sign of achievement of the care given to clinical findings, a distinguishing characteristic of each sector on the facility of its working philosophy.



Conventional Pap smear test
Fluid-based Pap Test, Thinprep method
Fluid-based Pap Test + HPV DNA HR Thinprep method
Cytological examination of endometrium
Cytological examination of urine, Thinprep method
Cytological examination of excreta
Nipple-aspirate cytological examination of breast or fine-needle aspiration of the breast

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